Thrones' cast talk love as new trailer drops

Usually, the show has finished airing its season, but thanks to the delay required to shoot in chillier weather, the series has only just kicked off Season 7. Her role is expected to be an important one in the storyline of season 7 and we can see that even the Northerners are considering calling for her help to fight the White Walkers with her dragon fire.

Game of Thrones had its season seven debut this past Sunday, but there are still six episodes to go. She finds it awkward but, doesn't deny there's some "potential secret enjoyment" in it.

Cersei called Daenerys the "Mad King's daughter" who must be stopped because she will, "destroy the realm". Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) and Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) appear to finally succumb to their lust for each other.

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I could recognize that curmudgeon of a sourpuss face anywhere: That's Randyll Tarly (who we last saw politely demanding the death of his own son last season) speaking with Cersei in the Throne Room. Everyone wants power for their families as they plot and conspire against one another. Emmanuel agreed: "To see them laugh together and feel something for one another is so handsome", she said, especially since the two have been through so much trauma in their lives.

As for the future of their relationship, she said, "He's the military man, she's the politician, but I think they need to realize that they need to stop fighting and start working together". Answering the same question, Bradley joked that the character he most regretted being killed was Jon Snow, because it led to an entire year of the cast being asked whether Jon was actually dead. Alfie Allen brought a puppy, while Sophie Turner says Sansa's rose-colored glasses are long gone. Talking about her character, Turner remarked, "She's woke now, guys". "Just so we wouldn't have to talk about it every five minutes for a year".

- There will be a Game of Thrones spin-off called Better Call Davos!

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