Saudi Arabia led coalition to blame for half of Yemen children deaths

Yemen hit by 5676 airstrikes in six months

Yemen hit by 5676 airstrikes in six months

But now a leaked copy of this year's draft report says Saudi should once again be named and shamed for suspected war crimes against children in Yemen.

The United Nations has worked to avert attacks on Hodeidah port, where around 80 percent of Yemen's food imports arrive.

They are the first special Saudi forces in Aden since a Saudi-led coalition in 2015 started fighting Shiite Houthi rebels to restore Yemeni President Abed-Rabbo Mansour Hadi's internationally recognized government. The Houthi movement denies the allegations.

"The longer the conflict goes on, the higher the risk that terrorist groups will spread and the stronger their influence will become", U.N. Yemen mediator Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed warned the Security Council.

"In 2017, the number of air strikes per month is three times higher than a year ago, and monthly reports of armed clashes are up by more than 50 percent", he said.

Al Qaeda has exploited the conflict to try to deepen its influence in Yemen, repeatedly launching bomb and gun attacks.

After Japan, Russia takes neutral stand on Indo-China standoff at Doklam
In mid-June, Chinese soldiers attempted to construct a motorable road in Doklam which was stopped by their Indian counterparts. Previously, US also spoke on the India-China standoff at the Sikkim border, encouraging the nations to hold a direct dialogue.

"I renew my address the following points: ensure that all ports - land, sea and air - are open to civilian - including commercial - traffic", O'Brien said, adding that the airport in the capital Sanaa should be opened "immediately" to humanitarian aid. Sanaa and Hodeidah best serve the north, not Aden.

The conflict, which has been ongoing since 2014, is a "deplorable, avoidable, completely man-made catastrophe that is ravaging the country", O'Brien said.

The number of cholera cases in the war-torn country has now surpassed half a million, the World Health Organization said Monday.

In his recent meetings with senior Yemeni officials and regional leaders, he said that "there is still consensus on the need to reach a political solution and to support the UN-sponsored peace process under the Secretary-General's auspices".

The Saudi coalition was included on that blacklist in 2016, at least originally, though after Saudi Arabia demanded changes, on the grounds that the United Nations had endorsed their 2015 invasion, the United Nations quietly removed them from the blacklist.

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