New Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer Shows Off Starfighter Assault Mode

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 launches in the United Kingdom on October 17th.

For updates on Starfighter Assault and the new hero ships that will be revealed during Gamescom, head to the EA Star Wars blog. Battlefront II is looking to improve on all of those faults and so far, we're impressed.

Today Electronic Arts and EA DICE released a brand new trailer of its Star Wars Battlefront sequel Star Wars Battlefront II.

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We then get some clips showing one of the most requested features for Star Wars: Battlefront 2: The Clone Wars. As you'd expect, there are iconic ships like X-wings, Y-wings, TIE Fighters and the Millennium Falcon. As Iden's team sets off on "an extraordinary odyssey of revenge, betrayal and redemption", players are taken on a 30-year journey from the events of Return of the Jedi to The Force Awakens, encountering key figures from Star Wars history along the way.

For example, we'll be able to play as characters and in areas from the original trilogy.

The new trailer is from the game engine and it shows a battle between the Rebels and the Empire. Darth Maul zooms between the research outpost structures of Kamino in his Sith Interceptor while Yoda is in hot pursuit in his own Jedi starfighter behind him. Fans can expect more official details regarding the title next week as EA hosts a live demonstration of Starfighter Assault mode during Gamescom. It's going to be intense.

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