California Secretary of State Alex Padilla Statement on Today's Election Commission Meeting

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan takes the stage to thank supporters with her husband Tom daughter Meg and family friend Liz Murphy

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan takes the stage to thank supporters with her husband Tom daughter Meg and family friend Liz Murphy

In November, President Donald Trump claimed "serious voter fraud" in New Hampshire.

Panel topics include Historical Election Turnout Statistics, Current Election Integrity Issues Affecting Public Confidence, and a Primer on Electronic Voting Systems and Election Integrity. They regard the entire commission as a sham created to soothe Trump's ego after his unsubstantiated claims that voter fraud is why he lost the popular vote to Clinton. He also said Ayotte lost due to illegal voting. He said Kris Kobach's suggestion that thousands of people had acted illegally when they registered to vote in New Hampshire using out-of-state licenses was a "reckless statement to make" and factually untrue. "Rather than hearing from experts in the field of election integrity, the commission gathered a panel of Trump loyalists who support severe voter restrictions".

Block, for his part, recently authored a report on people voting in more than one state for the Government Accountability Institute, an organization founded by Bannon, which relied on a consumer database to suggest that there were over 8,000 cases of duplicate voting in the last election.

Kobach lied in his Breitbart article about New Hampshire election law to provide the illusion that if one has an out of state drivers' license it must mean they violated the election law. "If they choose to hold their primary [before anyone else], you can strip the state of any delegates so that no delegates are awarded and you can sanction candidates who are running there".

KRISTEN CLARKE: It's a commission that is about promoting this false and risky narrative that vote fraud is something that's widespread across our country, and we know that that's just not the case.

"I don't want to deprive anyone or put any obstacle in front of any American to keep them from exercising the franchise", he said.

The real-estate magnate won the White House in a vote by the Electoral College, the body established under the Constitution that formally selects the US president.The Electoral College vote usually mirrors the outcome of the USA popular vote, but not always. His assertion is based on the fact that more than 5,000 people voted in the state using out-of-state driver's licenses, which is legal, and that few of them subsequently obtained New Hampshire licenses.

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White House Policy Adviser Stephen Miller and other Republicans have contended since Election Day that a considerable number of nonresident Democrats - primarily from MA - traveled to New Hampshire in order to vote illegally and tip the scale to give Clinton the win over Trump. "We are not having voter fraud", said Jane Byrnes, organizer.

Numerous presenters at the event represented organizations that claim to have documented extensive voter fraud, including the Judicial Watch Election Integrity Project, Simpatico Software Systems, the Heritage Foundation and the Crime Prevention Research Center. Do the math, Kobach urged: The result is 5,313 fraudulent voters in New Hampshire.

Smith said it's common to hear complaints that out-of-state college students are voting in New Hampshire.

Democrats countered that the data likely reflected college students from out-of-state who were voting.

These contentions were challenged by Jasper, who stressed the wide scope of voter fraud that is blatantly evident across New Hampshire.

"There isn't a single Democratic official that will do anything other than obstruct any investigation of voter fraud and issue constant public announcements criticizing the commission and what it is doing, making claims that it is engaged in voter suppression", the employee wrote. To address this nonissue, Republican state legislatures have passed dozens of photo ID requirements potentially disenfranchising millions of voters.

Among the technology are e-poll books, electronic devices that can read a person's identification and quickly allow the election official to determine whether the person is registered and which ballot the voter should have.

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