Hurricane Jose moving slowly as Category 1 storm

Hurricane Jose to turn a half-loop in Atlantic

Hurricane Jose to turn a half-loop in Atlantic

Hurricane Jose was a little weaker Tuesday morning (Sept. 12) as it began turning east in the Atlantic, the National Hurricane Center said.

At present, Hurricane Jose about 400 miles north-northeast of the Grand Turk Island.

While too early to tell whether the storm will move close enough to shore to either brush the coast or make landfall, the latest track from the National Hurricane Center positions the storm well off the Florida-Georgia border by Saturday, with the storm moving in a northwest motion.

After Irma climbed up Florida, it had slowed to a tropical depression as it dumps rain over Tennessee and the Ohio Valley, NHC reported.

There are no coastal watches or warning in effect for Jose.

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With all the attention focused, rightly, on Hurricane Irma and the damage she has done, do not forget that there is a second hurricane still churning in the Atlantic.

The forecast path for Hurricane Jose in the next few days is so odd that internet commenters have come up with the advice, "Go home, Jose, you're drunk".

Maximum sustained winds are near 75 miles per hour with higher gusts.

Hurricane Jose is expected to meander around the Atlantic this week.

By Monday, a ridge of high pressure will ride along the east coast. The furthermore path of Jose at present is uncertain and it is still being monitored whether Hurricane Jose will pose any major threat to the East Coast of the United States. Of 20 runs of the GFS model ensemble forecast Monday morning, 25% resulted in an eventual landfall in the US, and another 25% in Canada.

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