50 killed, 80 injured in ISIS-claimed twin attacks in Iraq



At least 50 people including Iranians were killed in twin gun and auto bomb attacks near the city of Nasiriyah in southern Iraq on Thursday, according to a new toll.

One ISIS attacker detonated his explosive vest inside a restaurant, south-west of Nasiriyah in the Thi Qar province, while three to four others opened fire at the people inside, the Independent quoted police sources as saying.

The half-dozen assailants, disguised as members of paramilitary units of popular mobilization (PM), composed mainly of militia and volunteers, shi'a, was travelling in military vehicles stolen.

Numerous wounded were in serious condition, he told AFP. It leads to the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala and is often used by Iranian Shi'ite pilgrims.

Islamic State has said it was responsible for the suicide attacks that left almost 90 injured at a roadside restaurant and checkpoint near the city of Nasiriyah, in the southern Thi Qar province.

It said several suicide bombers had staged the assault on a restaurant and a security checkpoint, killing "dozens of Shiites".

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Police sources said some police officers had died in the checkpoint attack, but the toll from that incident remained unclear.

Adding to the pressure on the fighters, Iraqi forces also recaptured the city of Tal Afar and the surrounding region from Daesh on August 31.

Jihadist militants carry out regular attacks in Iraq where Daesh has been losing ground to the government forces.

In addition, any military offensive in Hawija is expected to be postponed due to a planned referendum on Kurdish independence on September 25.

A large number of the fatalities were recorded in the capital province of Baghdad, where 45 civilians were killed and 135 others wounded during the same period.

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