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San Juan Mayor Pushes Trump On Hurricane Response

San Juan Mayor Pushes Trump On Hurricane Response

Mr Trump "has authorized the Jones Act be waived for Puerto Rico", a statement said on Twitter.

On Wednesday, the Trump administration said it didn't need to waive the outdated shipping restrictions to help get fuel and supplies to Puerto Rico because it wouldn't fix the main problem in the island's damaged ports.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the U.S. President Donald Trump heard Rossello's request and ordered the waiver.

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted Thursday morning, September 28 that Trump had signed off on waiving the restrictions for 10 days.

Trump faced mounting calls to freeze the 97-year-old act, which requires products shipped between USA ports to be moved by American-owned ships. One constraint that officials anxious would really start to bite as the recovery stretches on is an almost-century-old USA law meant to support a robust domestic shipping industry, known as the Jones Act. Cars, for example, cost about 40% more in Puerto Rico than on US mainland, partly because of the law. The move is meant to boost the delivery of much-needed relief supplies after Hurricane Maria battered the USA territory last week.

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Duke was one of several members of the Trump administration Thursday to push back against reporting that the federal government was slow to respond to the storm, which knocked out power and left Puerto Rico's 3.4 million people short of food and water.

The waiver will guarantee the needed equipment to fix infrastructure damaged by the storm and restore emergency services, Duke said in a news release. When the Homeland Security Department earlier this week declined to issue a similar waiver for Puerto Rico, it said port capacity was the bigger obstacle. Plus, as the president reasoned to reporters Wednesday, "A lot of people that work in the shipping industry ... don't want the Jones Act lifted".

As the storm ravaged Puerto Rico over the weekend, Trump sparked and then escalated a feud with the NFL over players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem. The last previous waiver was in December 2012 to allow petroleum products to be delivered for relief assistance after Hurricane Sandy.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke, who is leading the Hurricane Maria response, defended the administration's handling of the crisis Thursday saying she is "very satisfied" with the federal government's recovery role.

The law, known as the Jones Act, limits the number of ships that can be sent to Puerto Rico, a US territory, and thus the amount of relief supplies that have come in since the hurricane.

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