Harvest Moon 2017: What Is It? When Is It?

Harvest Moon 2017 When and how to see October’s full moon

Harvest Moon 2017 When and how to see October’s full moon

That usually falls on - or near - September 22, meaning harvest moons are usually in September, too. In other words, moon rises near twilight around this time.

While most harvest moons occur in September, an October harvest moon isn't necessarily rare.

The reason that it is called a Harvest Moon has to do with farming.

Beyond that, there's not much that differentiates harvest moons from regular moons - beyond the time of year.

A WAVY viewer's photo of the Harvest Moon on October 5, 2017.

If the weather is clear, we should get an wonderful view of the full moon.

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In some traditions, farmers see this as a sign that their crops are ready to be harvested.

"The previous one was in 2009, but the one before that was 2006, and the next one will be in 2020", Ernie Wright, scientist at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, told National Geographic.

While the Harvest Moon only occurs once a year, its benefits continue on for several nights.

Look up! A stunning harvest full moon has risen in the sky and should be visible each night this weekend.

No, although the moon's elliptical orbit around the Earth means that, sometimes, it can appear slightly bigger - this isn't one of those times.

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