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Amazon Cloud Cam    
   Becca Farsace

Amazon Cloud Cam Becca Farsace

The system works thanks to a lock connected. After the request is authenticated, the Cloud Cam starts recording the delivery and the door is unlocked. If everything checks out, the cloud grants permission by sending a message back to the camera, which starts recording. After the courier has dropped off their package, the door is then relocked with another swipe.

The entire system will work off whatever the e-commerce giant learned from building the Alexa device ecosystem and its applications in smart home systems. In addition to a smart lock by Yale or Kwikset, the kit includes an Amazon Cloud Cam that's placed inside your door to monitor all that transpires.

Yes, as long as the delivery driver can access and enter your front door. Amazon considers Prime members critical to its growth, because on average they spend $1,300 a year on purchases - almost twice as much as non-Prime members. It's available to Prime members, only. Delivery associates are told to ring a doorbell or knock when they arrive at someone's house. Sacramento customers will be able to begin using Amazon Key Nov. 8. "Neither keys nor access codes are never provided to the drivers", insisted Amazon.

Right now Amazon Key will test in 37 cities.

Amazon Key will be available on November 8 in 37 cities and surrounding areas across the USA, with more locations rolling out over time. The company's promising to use only its own Logistics team at first, but hopes to expand to third-party companies in the future.

Today's announcement of Amazon Key is the "perfect example" of the ecommerce behemoth's relentless focus on long-term thinking.

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"Alexa, is it a good idea to let strangers into my house?" So it tries to make sure the process is minimally invasive and totally transparent.

One of the biggest reasons to cough up $99 each year for Amazon's Prime service is its flexibility in terms of delivery methods. Or at least they've got their liability covered. All of this is done under the eternal watchful eye of the Cloud Cam, which you will be stunned to learn is sold by Amazon.

"Consumers are unwilling to relinquish control of the door lock to a faceless, unknown delivery person", said Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities.

Those simply wanting to let in friends or other guests will also have that option. You will also get a notification along with a video recorded by the Cloud Cam. It points out that Amazon Key could also be useful when it comes to letting in dog walkers, pet sitters and house cleaners.

With Amazon Key, professionals from Amazon Home Services will be able to easily get into your home, whether it's to clean it up or pick up your pooch for a stroll around the neighbourhood.

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