The iPhone 8 is having a rough time in China

Will Apple be a $1 trillion company this year?

Will Apple be a $1 trillion company this year?

Apple's declining streak in China has come to an end, as shipments grew 40% from 8 million in Q3 2016 to about 11 million this quarter.

Compared to 2016's third quarter, Huawei and Vivo boosted their sales numbers by 23 and 26 percent respectively, grabbing 19 and 17 percent market shares.

Beyond Apple - which is so often the focus when studying smartphone sales in China, given its importance to the company - it is clear that a few brands now dominate the Chinese smartphone market.

Apple ended its six-quarter decline in iPhone sales in China thanks to unexpectedly high demand for the recently-launched iPhone 8. What's more, we are presently at the pinnacle time of its sales where it has just propelled three heavenly gadgets i.e. iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Everyone's eyes are on iPhone X, individuals couldn't care less how costly it is. However, Canalys warned that "despite launching three new devices this year, Apple's success in China could be short-lived".

The report claims that cut the iPhone 8's price by up to 1,100 yuan ($165.50), while another site,, is offering reductions of up to 800 yuan ($120.34) off the most expensive version of the smartphone.

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The latest sign of trouble for the iPhone 8 comes from the largest smartphone market in the world: China.

Apple has been working remarkably to keep up its quarterly deals, the entire year. Mr. Jia stated that even though the device would launch this week, the pricing structure and supply issues will restrain growth. "The iPhone X will enjoy a healthy grey market status, but its popularity is unlikely to help Apple in the short term", Jia predicted.

CEO Tim Cook said a year ago that China would be a key to Apple's growth going forward.

Canalys also expects Xiaomi break the dominance of Huawei, Oppo and Vivo in Q4, on the account of its aggressive offline expansion in the country. It says that Apple's growth this past quarter is only temporary and it won't be able to sustain it in the fourth quarter.

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