Trump Administration Ends Protective Status for almost 60000 Haitians

People at an Immigration Rally

People at an Immigration Rally

Kobach, who writes for Breitbart News, told the hard-right outlet that a decision to give Haitian nationals 18 months to remain in the United States despite terminating their protected status, known as Temporary Protected Status, undermined the Trump administration's immigration principles.

Vaughan, the Center for Immigration Studies analyst, noted that TPS status is fairly open-ended, applying to anyone from a designated country - including, after re-designations in Haiti's case - even people who arrived years after the natural disaster. The deferral came after an unsuccessful White House effort to pressure her to end their TPS authorization, officials said at the time. Protection for 86,000 Hondurans in the U.S. has been extended.

Eva Millona, executive director of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, said, "We're relieved there is an extension of TPS for 18 months, but we remain concerned that Haiti won't be ready to take back 58,000 Haitians across the USA and 5,800 here in Massachusetts". The protections have allowed Haitians to legally remain in the US and have been extended each year as Haiti struggles to recover.

And many have children who were born in the USA, making those children US citizens. It was already devastatingly poor before the quake, and then it was hit again in 2016 by Hurricane Matthew. Administration officials have said that decisions on further extensions would be made on the basis of whether initial justifications for protection still exist.

The bulk of the Haitians impacted by the order live in Florida.

Haiti remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

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The Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) called DHS officials' decision regarding Haitian TPS recipients "inhumane". "Haiti has also demonstrated a commitment to adequately prepare for when the country's TPS designation is terminated". Representative Illean Ros-Lehtinen took to Twitter Monday evening to share what she saw on the ground in Haiti after both disasters, writing that she "can personally attest that Haiti is not prepared to take back almost 60,000 TPS recipients under these hard and harsh conditions". Its decision will have an immediate and serious impact on individuals, families, and communities in Florida, and a consequential and enduring impact on our friends in Haiti.

As the Haitian status was due to expire last spring, then-DHS Secretary John Kelly extended it for six months, saying that conditions might not warrant further extension.

Critics of Trump's decision say TPS beneficiaries, who are allowed to work in the USA, contribute to the economy and pay taxes.

Duke had "assessed overall that extraordinary temporary conditions" that justified the designation in the first place, "had sufficiently improved such that they no longer prevent nationals of Haiti from returning." the official said. I have seen firsthand the potential of the Haitian community when given the opportunity.

Clarke says that rebuilding in Haiti is supported by remittances from the Haitian community in the U.S., and that "these remittances are critical to the recovery, and have provided for basic needs, including education, agricultural restoration, business development, and home reconstruction". Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) tweeted.

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