Pixel Launcher Update Brings New Features to Original Pixel Smartphones

Google explains how it makes personalized battery life predictions

Google explains how it makes personalized battery life predictions

Essentially, Google has updated the algorithms to be much more intelligent in your phone-use analysis and how this can be used to determine estimated battery drain.

You can view these reworked estimates under the Battery option in Settings on your Pixel or Pixel 2 like usual, and tapping on the battery icon from the Battery page will now show an even more accurate preview of your battery life as the day goes on.

Now, Google is introducing a new on-device model, which the search giant claims analyzes how a phone's battery is used over time. To take the attention away from the issues, Google is adding new features, like predicting the Pixel battery life more accurately.

As explained by Michelle, the Google expert on the support post, previously, the Pixel would estimate the phone's battery loss based on assumptions.

Until now smartphone battery estimators presumed that a certain set of usage trend will continue throughout the day.

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That way it can personalize predictions based on how an individual uses the phone, factoring frequent and predictable usage spikes such as might be observable if that person likes watching Netflix or YouTube during the daily commute home.

The first Pixel smartphones "Made by Google" have received some new features with the latest Pixel Launcher update.

The Pixel smartphone users can get to know the battery life estimations by heading on to Battery under the Settings menu. There, you will find a personalized battery estimate, which not only informs the percentage of battery left, but also the time (in hours) that the phone will last.

According to Android Authority, the feature is already working for on Pixel 2 and Nexus 6P smartphones that run Android 8.1 Oreo developers preview (DP). The personalised battery estimate will be displayed under the "Battery" section.

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