There's now a free version of Microsoft Office just for Chromebooks

Microsoft Office Android apps now available on all Chromebooks

Microsoft Office Android apps now available on all Chromebooks

The Microsoft Office apps launched by the company are the Android versions of the product which comprises of the same features which you enjoys on your Android tablet running the office. Although there's been no official announcement, research by Chrome Unboxed suggests the wait is now over for Chromebook users wanting to use Office. All devices can now download the Microsoft Office applications from the Google Play Store, no matter who manufactured the device.

Microsoft's rollout of its Office Suite, including Word, Excel and Powerpoint, has been slow and tied to flagships like Google's own Pixelbook.

Microsoft did announce that the Office suite will be coming to Chrome OS and finally, those using a Google Chromebook can now download and install the suite on their devices. Unfortunately this was not the case and only a few models received Office Suite.

Of course, Google's G Suite is still the more likely choice for a number of Chromebook users, but the ability to use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook makes them a potentially more viable option for businesses using Microsoft's software.

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This is for most Google Chromebooks released in the past couple of years - beyond that and we're getting into "Android apps wont ever work here" territory.

We've reached out to Microsoft to get confirmation and more details. Anything larger than 10.1-inches and the subscription fee kicks in. If you have a small Chromebook (10.1 inches), you can create and edit documents free of charge, but otherwise you'll need an office 365 subscription.

This is major news for productivity users who had previously been interested in Chrome OS, but could never buy a Chromebook because of lack of Office support. The same rule applies to the iPad Pro.

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