NASA to reveal major breakthroughs from its alien-hunting programme

NASA Announces Press Conference Regarding Aliens and Artificial Intelligence

NASA Announces Press Conference Regarding Aliens and Artificial Intelligence

NASA announced that it will be holding a press conference to reveal a breakthrough from its Kepler telescope. Also, 30 planets are present in habitable zones, which means that their distance from the neighboring stars, and the stars that they orbit allows them to support extraterrestrial life.

The Friday release said the Kepler mission, NASA's most prolific exoplanet finder in history, hit a major breakthrough with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

The planet-hunting Kepler telescope launched in 2009 and has delivered a plethora of new information and discoveries.

According to the agency, the media teleconference will be held on Thursday at 1 pm EST (1800 GMT) and will talk about the latest discovery made by the telescope that was launched in March 2009 to search for alien worlds.

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It completed its main mission in 2012, but has continued to do more work. Google Brain functions to assist and conduct research on things like teaching machines to be fair and helping robots pick up sand. It contemplated planets around stars categorized as bright M Dwarfs in the environs of the Sun.

Christopher Shallue, an engineer with Google AI and Google Brain wil be featured during the NASA press conference alongside scientists from NASA, its Kepler team and NASA Sagan Fellow Andrew Vanderburg from the University of Texas. This has confirmed the existence of 178 exoplanets to date, with 515 further potential planets. As of now, the telescope has discovered more than 2500 unusual worlds. K2 is likewise "introducing new research opportunities to study young stars, supernovae and other cosmic phenomena", the press release stated. Key researchers will discuss what has been learned using Google's machine learning approach to artificial intelligence to analyze data from Kepler.

Experts from both NASA and Google are expected to be in attendance to explain this latest find, which is speculated to be big news.

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