#EndorseThis: On SNL, Santa's Tricky Moment With Savvy Kids

'Saturday Night Live' pokes fun at 'naughty list' members Trump, Moore, Franken, Lauer

'Saturday Night Live' pokes fun at 'naughty list' members Trump, Moore, Franken, Lauer

"Saturday Night Live's" attempt to get in the Christmas spirit was quickly stifled when kids asked Santa some hard-hitting, uncomfortable questions.

Unsure how to explain the news Franken resigned from the Senate following sexual misconduct allegations, Santa turns to a helper elf, played by Kate McKinnon: "Can you take the Al Franken thing, sugar plum?"

Moore, of course, is the Republican candidate in Alabama running for a U.S. Senate seat, who has spent the past several weeks battling accusations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls. After fumbling through a response, Santa chalks it up to the boy as Franken being on Santa's naughty list this year.

In the cold open, toward the end of the line of kids, Thompson-as-Santa asks one boy whether he'd like a toy for Christmas.

The lesson learned by one of the children? But it's not over... the kid follows up by asking what list Roy Moore would be on.

"We sure can, I learn if you admit you did something wrong you get in trouble".

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That's when Amy, who made a decision to nix the nickname "Sugar Plum" in light of the "current climate", told him, "It's not so much a list". Our president may have said and done a few naughty things. Like truly mind-bendingly insane, and we seem to have lost all perspective on what's naughty or nice'.

Jost then took a shot at Trump for tweeting his support for Roy Moore by tweeting 'Go get 'em Roy!'

'I know, the girl said. "Why are you gonna resign if you ain't gonna apologize?" she asked, alluding to criticism about Franken's speech.

That's when Amy assured one precocious little girl, "As bad as things seem, things will be okay".

And when Thompson asked one unexpectedly knowledgeable boy, "Maybe you'd like a toy from Santa?" he answered, "Oh, you mean toy like the one Matt Lauer gave to his co-worker?"

While Amy the elf does her best to reassure a concerned Jenny - the last child to visit mall Santa - that everything will be okay (in three years, 42 days and 24 minutes), Jenny wagers that she'll have a plan if things don't work out. "But just in case, I'm putting all my money in bitcoin".

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