Virginia House Race Is Tied After Court Ruling

Democrat wins Virginia seat in recount by single vote, creating 50-50 tie in House of Delegates

Democrat wins Virginia seat in recount by single vote, creating 50-50 tie in House of Delegates

On Wednesday, the panel found that one questionable ballot should be counted for Republican David Yancey.

If two or more persons have an equal number of votes for any county, city, town, or district office, and a higher number than any other person, the electoral board shall proceed publicly to determine by lot which of the candidates shall be declared elected.
Opposition to President Trump has energized Democratic voters, but they are also angry about Republican state legislators who've narrowed access to voting and have warped the election results in their favor through gerrymandering.

In Virginia, a recount has just flipped a seat in the House of Delegates to the Democrats, bringing to an end to Republican control of that chamber after 17 years.

Still, as has been widely noted today: this is an object lesson in every vote counting. "A short straw", is how The Virginian Pilot describes whatever process judges will use to determine who gets the seat - and if Republicans control the entire House of Delegates. That would mean both Yancey and Simonds had 11,608 votes each. "Don't tell me that every vote doesn't count".

He said the ballot in question contained a mark for Democrat Shelly Simonds as well as a mark for Republican Del. After review, the recount court agreed to count the ballot for Delegate Yancey. During the recount, election officials were presented with an overvote.

"Last night after the recount was completed, our team became aware of a question surrounding an uncounted ballot".

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The Virginia Department of Elections said Wednesday that they were still waiting for a final order from the circuit court before proceeding on how to determine a victor.

Meanwhile, there are two more recounts to be conducted: one began today in House District 68, and the other begins on Thursday in House District 28.

"We asked the recount Court to consider this ballot". Apparently, the state is going to draw lots to determine the victor. A decade ago, CT repealed its coin-toss rule in favor of deciding tied races through the Legislature or by a runoff - in other words, a do-over.

One year after a panel of three federal judges upheld Virginia's law requiring a photo ID to vote, the balance of power in Virginia's legislature rests on a single vote.

"They're going to have to actually draw by lots", Mr. Kays said, with a shade of disbelief.

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