Gov. Inslee demands Trump administration not drill off Washington coast

What Trump's Offshore Drilling Plan Means for Oil Output

What Trump's Offshore Drilling Plan Means for Oil Output

"We'll continue to talk to other stakeholders as we make decisions for other areas and other states", Huckabee Sanders added. "Wonder why." Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) tweeted.

The trouble began January 4 when Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke proposed opening almost the entire Outer Continental Shelf off the USA coast to oil and gas drilling. Rick Scott held a private meeting Tuesday afternoon. But Zinke's claim that Florida is unique is flat-out wrong. Yet the alternative - that this spectacle was not planned but just as rushed and arbitrary as it seemed - is hardly better.

Gov. Cooper requested a meeting or call with Secretary Zinke to explain the risks of seismic testing and drilling off of North Carolina's coast and demand an exemption for North Carolina like Florida received.

But, he said he did not like how Scott apparently got the state waived from an otherwise all-encompassing federal drilling plan. Zinke said in a media hearing. "Where do we sign up for a waiver @SecretaryZinke?" wrote New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, also a Democrat.

And California Democrats are also leading calls for Trump's impeachment, with billionaire Tom Steyer plowing tens of millions of dollars into the effort.

One of our more regular letter writers, Nana Royer, expresses concern in a letter today, about an apparent stay of execution for Florida's Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico waters. With the Florida decision, the Trump administration has shown that it may not use fair, reasonable metrics in its decision making.

However, coming in a close second to Sessions is Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke - and not because he has decreed that a flag should be raised whenever he's in the building. "The Secretary is now in the process of speaking to stakeholders, like Governor Scott yesterday, to determine the most responsible and environmentally sound path forward".

Zinke's action is especially outrageous because Florida - unlike California, Washington and other states - did not expressly oppose the drilling proposal in written comments submitted to the Interior Department, Cantwell said. The Governor has not heard back.

For his part, Mr. Zinke defended the decision to exempt Florida by arguing that the administration always meant to consult with governors before making any final drilling decisions.

Keating said a Nelson-Scott contest for a critical Senate seat in a state won by President Donald Trump would feature "highly-loaded" campaign coffers.

Like Florida, California and other coastal states "rely on our handsome coasts for tourism and our economy", Lieu said, adding that he believes courts will strike down the drilling plan.

Brown was on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 when Cooper asked her if she believed the removal of Florida from the proposal was strictly political.

"Sen. Nelson has certainly had the inside track on defending our coastline, and I think the Governor knew that", Broxson said.

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The commentary about Trump's properties was bipartisan.

No governor should. Will the Trump administration support one and oppose the others?

Also Tuesday, Zinke convened a hastily assembled news conference to announce that he'd withdrawn Florida's coast from the risks of offshore drilling.

"This puts some of that into doubt", Becerra said.

In Washington, they include Democratic Sens.

California experienced one of the worst oil spills in US history in 1969, from an offshore drilling site near Santa Barbara, as member station KPCC notes.

"I have spent my entire life fighting to keep oil rigs away from our coasts".

Members of Congress from both parties and both coasts have intensified their opposition to the Trump administration's plan to open nearly all of America's outer continental shelf to energy exploration. Then just a few days later, they gave swing state Florida a special exception from the unpopular drilling plan, crediting Gov. Rick Scott (R), who may run for Senate this year, for securing the dispensation.

"This is about playing politics with our coast", Sierra Weaver, Senior Attorney at the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC), said.

It says nothing about state waters, and should.

Opening up new oil exploration leases requires the completion of an extensive environmental review, which could take a year or longer. "This is good policy for Florida", said John Tupps, a Scott spokesman.

Scott is not the only Republican governor who would stand to benefit politically from an exemption. Nelson, a longtime opponent of drilling. The soon to be gone New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie along with South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, and Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan want no part of offshore drilling in their respective states.

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