Sharp increase in flu activity reported in Indian River County

Why the flu shot is less effective this year, and why you should still get one

Why the flu shot is less effective this year, and why you should still get one

There are more older adults hospitalized with the flu than infants, which is very unusual.

News4 reached out to Dr. Robbert Cranfield with CareNow to find out how you can easily spot the difference between flu symptoms and the common cold. The reason for this lapse is most likely because Australia's own flu season, which happened during our summer, did not have such severe versions of this disease. This condition will produce low relative humidity levels and may lead to higher number of people infected by the flu.

Allow the sick person to drink as much as he or she can. But not this year.

Adenoviruses can "stay stable at room temperature for weeks" on unclean surfaces, said Valsamakis, who described this family of viruses as "environmentally hardy". It may prevent those around you from getting sick.

Flu experts believe that something called "imprinting" is key when it comes to fighting off viruses like the flu. According to scientists, you may want to rethink that diagnosis.

Smith said that while most vaccination efforts target someone's personal protection, people need to be mindful that receiving a flu shot can help protect loved ones.

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So far, Yates said, the Flu A has been the dominant strain. It killed an estimated one million people worldwide-34,000 in the US alone between September 1968 and March 1969. He said he wanted them to counsel residents directly. The CDC estimates that this year's vaccine will be effective against roughly 43 percent of H3 viruses and said everyone over the age of six months should be immunized against the flu, unless they have a medical reaction to the vaccine or are moderately or severely ill. "Those vaccines would be different from this year's vaccine, which is comprised of a mix of inactivated forms of the now circulating viruses".

Imprinting might not always be helpful, even when it comes to fighting similar flus.

"Typically with the flu you have very high fevers", Canfield explained. In addition, New York City, Puerto Rico, and 39 states reported high activity levels of influenza-like illness during week 3, an increase of 7 states from the total reported in the previous week's FluView report.

While UB is not holding any more formal flu vaccine clinics - the university held several during the fall semester - students still can obtain a flu shot by making an appointment at Student Health Services, Snyder says.

"We haven't seen anything like this for as long as we've been keeping careful records", he said. It's certainly something our bodies, which would have no imprint for the foreign strain, wouldn't be prepared to fight.

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