Amazon Prime Exclusive Android phones dump lock-screen ads

The Nokia 6 will no longer have ads when purchased from Amazon's line of Prime Exclusive Phones.                  Juan Garzón  CNET

The Nokia 6 will no longer have ads when purchased from Amazon's line of Prime Exclusive Phones. Juan Garzón CNET

In exchange for a discounted smartphone, you got to see ads on your lock screen whenever you picked up the phone. Currently, you have to press a fingerprint sensor twice on these phones to unlock. The program previously offered Prime members access to significantly discounted phones with the catch being that buyers would have to put up with ads on the lockscreen and some Amazon bloatware pre-installed on the phone. For those devices already out in the world, updates will start rolling out next week that remove the ads. By purchasing an Amazon Prime Exclusive Phone, you go into it knowing that you are buying a phone that will show you Amazon ads in order to secure it at a cheaper rate. Here's the full statement. Future Amazon Prime Exclusive handsets will be available only to those who have signed up for membership to Prime, and will be sold unlocked. The reason Amazon's done this is likely different from what you'd expect.

Starting tomorrow, February 7, all phones on the Amazon Prime Exclusive list will ship without lock screen ads.

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This will allow you to more easily use your phone's mobile unlock technology, as well as personalize your lockscreen with a photo or wallpaper.
And in perhaps even more exciting news, customers who now own a Prime Exclusive device will receive a free update over the next week that will take away lockscreen ads. There will still be ads in the Amazon Widget app, and the phone will still collect information about "your use of your device, including your device's system and stability, applications and services on the device, and your device's interaction with software, applications, and services on the device".

As of Tuesday, you have a pretty decent choice of phones from the Amazon Exclusive Phones program.

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