'What Black Panther Means to Me' hashtag trends nationwide as fans celebrate

Michael B. Jordan: 'Black Panther shows black kids they can be superheroes'

Michael B. Jordan: 'Black Panther shows black kids they can be superheroes'

As the embargo lifted at noon Tuesday for reviews of "Black Panther", the first wave of criticism brought a torrent of superlatives for Ryan Coogler's cultural event of a Marvel movie, which opens February 16.

Not just in the interests of racial diversity on screen (the movie's raucous, yet respectful embrace of black culture and history is a breakthrough Hollywood moment), but also gender equality (the females of Black Panther are not just passengers in this fast-moving tale, they propel it just as much as the males). But he infuses almost every frame with soul and style, and makes the radical case that a comic-book movie can actually have something meaningful - beyond boom or kapow or America - to say. As played by Michael B. Jordan, Coogler's lucky charm, Erik is instantly likable, dangerously sexy, and capable of extraordinary violence.

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According to the British Board of Film Classification, Black Panther has a run time of 134 minutes (2hrs 14 minutes)! Its themes including the importance of a wealthy nation taking on responsibility for the betterment of the whole world especially hit home for me in the Trumpian age of America First. Now that the moment has arrived though, it feels like nothing less than a sea change: a wave started by Wonder Woman past year and grown to full swell in Panther's moral weight and real-world currency. Directed by Ryan Coogler with serious muscle and style, and magisterially imagined by production designer Hannah Beachler and costume designer Ruth E Carter, Black Panther makes you rue that it took this long for a studio to try it.

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Black Panther is now projected for an opening weekend at the box office of up to $150 million. But, unfortunately, this gives Black Panther a bit of a lumbering start. Klaue has help from Eric Stevens (Michael B. Jordan), aka Killmonger, who's gunning for T'Challa himself.

By the end of next week, numerous fans waiting in heavy anticipation of Marvel'sBlack Panther film will have already seen the big feature. "So you don't feel like you're just playing a guy in a suit; you're playing a conflicted, well-rounded character", Boseman said. For numerous black actors, musicians, and artists involved in Marvel's Black Panther, this dream has come true. In the context of the place United States finds itself today, and where it has come from, Boseman knows he can't wise-crack his way through the film in the fashion of, for example, Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark, and the responsibility to be at all times honest weighs on him. He is facing the consequences that world leaders usually have to deal with. We understand who he his and exactly what he wants. Coogler is that kid and this is his fairy tale-a fairy tale for other kids who rarely get them, and never like this.

Daniel Kaluuya, who was recently nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars for the groundbreaking horror "Get Out" believes that "Black Panther" has the same elements to break the boundaries of cinema.

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