Supreme Court of India upholds passive euthanasia for terminally ill individuals---DONE

How sexual assault victim Aruna Shanbaug's case started the national debate on euthanasia

How sexual assault victim Aruna Shanbaug's case started the national debate on euthanasia

The Supreme Court in a landmark judgment on Friday allowed passive euthanasia and recognised "living will" or an "advance medical directive", which lets patients decide whether they would like to withdraw life support if they have terminal illness.

When the sanctity of life was destroyed, said a panel of five judges headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra, "Should we not allow them to cross the door and meet death with dignity?"

With the advancement in medical technology and the fact that medical directive achieved lawful recognition in the US, Australia, Canada and other jurisdictions, the Bench felt that it was time for India to recognise this right as part of a citizen's right of self-determination, dignity, autonomy and privacy as well by choosing not to suffer a painful death.

Atthe end, on March9th2018 Supreme Court legalized that if there is a "living" will made by terminally ill patients for passive euthanasia it can be executed following certain strict guidelines adopted to that effect.

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Euthanasia is an act of killing or allowing the killing of a terminally ill patient who has no chance of survival in a relatively painless way on humanitarian grounds showing the ultimate act of mercy. "After this verdict, euthanasia and living will can not be misused as there will be strict guidelines", he said.

"Active euthanasia" involves helping a person die on his or her request "through direct action". It defined "living will" as a document in written form by which a patient can express his/her intention regarding the medical treatment to be advanced in case ofterminallyillnessor no longer in a condition to express informed consent. This may include stopping the life support or the cease of life saving procedures that help to increase the life span of an individual with no permanent cure.

Indians receive treatment in the general ward of the orthopedic department of the Swaroop Rani Medical college hospital in, Allahabad, India, February 1, 2018.

BJP MP Vinay Sahsrabuddhe said the SC decision is in sync with the changing realities of society. According to his mother, K Venkatesh wanted to donate his organs after his death which was slowly and steadily getting rendered useless but the lack of clear law meant he could only donate his eyes. It is a concept associated with passive euthanasia. But in effect it means that as a patient in a critical state, if my family, the doctors or even lawyers can decide about [my fate], then why can't I decide about myself? "All the staff took such good care of her", she added. "We declare that an adult human being having mental capacity to take an informed decision has the right to refuse medical treatment, including withdrawal from life-saving devices", Justice Bhushan said, adding that a person of "competent mental faculty" is entitled to execute an advance medical directive in accordance with the safeguards spelt out by the court. Citing old age as possible invitation to any terminal disease and fearing incapable and inglorious end to life they sought active euthanasia from the state. Here's how doctors view the nuances and practical aspects of the euthanasia debate. In a Living Will, one can outline whether or not they want their life to be artificially prolonged in the event of a devastating illness or injury. "The right of life is in the hands of God", he said.

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