United States closes consular agency in Mexico, bars employee travel over 'security threat'

US State Department Issues Travel Alert To Playa Del Carmen

US State Department Issues Travel Alert To Playa Del Carmen

Originally the state department wanted people to think twice about going to Playa del Carmen, especially with spring break coming up.

An explosive device was found on a tourist ferry in Playa del Carmen last week.

The U.S. has closed its consular agency in a popular Mexican tourist spot and is barring its employees from traveling there over a "security threat".

The state department is getting specific, saying travel restrictions are now limited to the Centro, Calica, Gonzalo Guerrero, Quintas del Carmen, and Villas del Carmen neighborhoods of Playa del Carmen. The State Department confirmed "undetonated explosive devices" were found on the ferry by Mexican law enforcement, warned Americans to "exercise caution" and prohibited employees from traveling on that ferry route.

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Now the department says their information about a security threat is changing.

"US citizens must have as much information as possible to make informed travel decisions", State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement Thursday.

The embassy says in an alert posted on its website that it received information Wednesday about a "security threat" in that city and USA government employees are prohibited from going there. In relation to this incident, USA employees were initially barred from taking ferries between Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel Island.

Should I avoid the region altogether? "We do not know why the USA government chose to emit this alert", officials said, according to the Associated Press. Americans visiting other parts of the country - including Quintana Roo, where Playa del Carmen is located - are only urged to use "increased caution". It tells "CBS This Morning" that the us security alert implies "safety issues without any basis in fact". Security alerts and updates are posted with speed, often in real time (or in advance of a major public event, like a planned demonstration). The alert system has put out a "Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution" alert.

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