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MUST SEE TV: Venezuelan Refugee Living In Sweetwater Wants To Be An “American Idol!”

MUST SEE TV: Venezuelan Refugee Living In Sweetwater Wants To Be An “American Idol!”

Obviously it's unfortunate. I'm not privy to the details.

But Perry's payday also became an issue for Seacrest. And then there's Ryan Seacrest.

Three out of the 15 seasons to date ended with Tarheels as the winners: Barrino from High Point, McCreery from Garner and Johnson from Asheville.

The teaser perfectly encapsulates the aim of Sunday's two-hour episode: to present "American Idol" - and its new judges - as light, fun and charming.

Harmon wasn't the only contestant in Idol history to walk away a victor with a special perk.

"Disney as a whole has a lot of ways to help monetize Idol: Disney Radio, theme parks, concerts, cruises", notes David Campanelli, director of national TV for Horizon Media.

During its vacation and shift to another, happier, "family-friendly" network, American Idol has not lost that mean streak. Mills insists that's doable: "Idol", he says, "looked like it had been neglected for a while on Fox, and as we've seen with any show - from "The Bachelor" to "Survivor" - there will always be ebbs and flows, but if you really take care of them, they can be strong assets".

These factors do not simply hurt fan interest; they also impact the talent pool.

"Yes, there definitely were doubts because you don't want to throw this parade and have nobody come".

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The biggest change is going to be the lack of bad auditions, and that's certainly not a bad thing. "Because that will fail". When "Idol" began, Abdul was the most recognizable name among the judges, and even she was years past her peak awareness in pop culture at the time.

Producers say the format will largely be the same, but ABC is subtly imprinting its DNA on Idol.

Leading that charge is a new judging panel that, at least in the first two hours, is less interested in critique than it is in a rapid education.

Will America again fall in love with the singing competition reality show when it returns with new judges, a new network and a new attitude at 8 p.m. Sunday, March 11, on WEWS Channel 5?

No, they are not throwaway "nice judges". The history of the show suggests it will be a decent draw; ABC had better hope it doesn't go the way of the seven shows below.

Photo O.J. Simpson and Judith Regan in a 2006 interview. "It's very good counterprogramming", admits Frot-Coutaz.

You feel that Richie's speaking from brutal experience, peddling an image of the music business that feels much harsher than the "live your truth!" shiny musical dream that the whole foundation of American Idol indulges.

The aforementioned criticism about talent pools notwithstanding, a few of the auditions are truly excellent from a vocal standpoint.

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