This California County Is Joining Jeff Sessions' Challenge of Sanctuary Law

Orange County votes to challenge California's sanctuary law

Orange County votes to challenge California's sanctuary law

Hutchens opposed the state law because she felt it would hinder her department's cooperation with federal authorities.

SB 54 is the official title of what is commonly called the sanctuary state law that the heavily Democratic state passed late previous year to bar local law enforcement from supporting Republican President Donald Trump's crackdown on illegal immigrants with money, facilities, and access to people held in custody.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department sought to sidestep a California law created to limit law enforcement coordination with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, saying it would put the date an inmate will be released on its website. Orange County, which is home to Disneyland and wealthy beach communities where many people vacation, has always been known as a GOP stronghold, but Democrats have gained significant ground in recent years.

Instead, he said, his agency is taking advantage of language in the statute that allows law enforcement officers to communicate information that is publicly available.

While Republicans still outnumber Democrats in the county, Democrats have gained significant ground in recent years, and Hillary Clinton won more votes than Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday extolled a major California county for joining his administration's legal challenge to the state's new limits on how much local police and sheriff's departments support his rigorous deportation policy.

During its meeting Tuesday, the Orange County Board of Supervisors considered various possible measures opposing California's sanctuary state law. Justice Anthony Kennedy said Arizona may have "understandable frustrations" with immigrants who are in the country illegally, but added that it can't pursue policies that "undermine federal law".

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The move highlights longstanding divisions over immigration in California.

Outside the meeting room, several dozen immigrant advocates played music and held signs with slogans such as "Set Our People Free" and "Melt ICE" to urge supervisors not to join the US lawsuit against California. "As supervisors of this county, we all took oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and bear true faith and allegiance to it against all enemies", Steel said.

Comparing the incident to an oft-used refrain by immigrant rights advocates who complain that deportations separate immigrant families, Robinson told the board: "Kate's family is forever separated from her". The supervisors adopted a resolution on a 4-0 vote condemning the state law after hearing from people on both sides of the issue. "Our constitutional republic depends on following the rule of law".

The Orange County Sheriff's Department has been the beneficiary of tighter immigration enforcement. "Will you be able to do the same?"

Supervisor Shawn Nelson bristled at some of the criticism from immigrant-rights activists, declaring, "I am not a racist". Also, local law enforcement officials may cooperate with the deportation of state convicts in prison or inmates in local jails being held for a list of serious offenses.

The US Justice Department sued California this month over its immigration laws, a move California's Democratic Governor Jerry Brown said was akin to declaring war on the most populous US state.

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