ICE will now detain pregnant immigrants

Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office allowed ICE interviews of inmates despite sanctuary city policy

Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office allowed ICE interviews of inmates despite sanctuary city policy

Under the new rules, pregnant women will now be assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine whether they will be kept in custody or released.

There are now 35 pregnant women in custody, according to Miller.

The new policy - sent out in December - is a switch from 2016 when former-President Obama didn't want pregnant women being taken in at all.

Shepherd filed a joint complaint on behalf of the council and five other civil rights groups in September challenging ICE's treatment of pregnant women in detention. He also could not say how the policy applied to nursing mothers. Not all pregnant immigrants will be detained, but emphasis will be placed on people whose detention "is necessary to effectuate removal" and others who may be flight risks or a danger to the community.

ICE will also lean towards releasing pregnant women if they are in their third trimester, Miller said mainly because they would not be allowed to fly and thus couldn't be deported in that trimester, and will also make an effort for detention facilities to provide services to pregnant women and parents. Report after report from immigrants' rights watchdog groups have been critical of ICE's ability to provide health care to detainees.

"To mischaracterize this as some kind of wholesale change or draconian change is inaccurate". The policy change follows a series of objections attempted by the Justice Department to stop pregnant minors in detention from seeking abortions over the past year.

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The Huffington Post reported a year ago that two women had suffered miscarriages while in immigration detention facilities.

"The insane thing about it is they're claiming it's because they should be treated like everyone else and that they're going to go after everybody who has immigration status issues, but the reality is that those aren't your only options", Brané said. Members of Congress also questioned the Department of Homeland Security about those conditions.

This policy endangers the lives of pregnant women, subjecting them to harmful and prolonged periods of detention.

Some U.S. intelligence officials fear that the Chinese government is conducting sophisticated "kidnapping" programs in the United States in order to spirit their nationals back to the mainland, where they face arrest and imprisonment on political and corruption charges. "Detention is especially traumatic for pregnant women and even more so for victims of rape and gender-based violence". The examples included instances of detainees' miscarriages in ICE custody.

Christina Costantini, a journalist who has reported on immigration detention facilities, posted on social media about ICE's extreme lack of preparation for-and interest in-providing proper care for pregnant women.

The Trump administration has pushed ICE to expand the use of detention for immigrants subject to deportation, in an effort to cut down on the number allowed to live in the U.S. as they await court proceedings.

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