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Russia, China Vow To Block US Attempt To 'Sabotage' Iran Nuke Deal

Russia, China Vow To Block US Attempt To 'Sabotage' Iran Nuke Deal

Russian Federation is technically capable of providing its air defense systems S-300 to Syria within one month, a military-diplomatic source has told TASS, adding that for this the launchers already at the Defense Ministry's disposal might be used after the required reconfiguration, a military-diplomatic source has told TASS.

"They understand that we won't get involved in internal Syrian matters and that we won't allow Iran to entrench itself [in Syria]", he said.

The Russian foreign minister said earlier in the year that the USA had seemed to establish a quasi-state on the Eastern bank of the Euphrates River. Yemen, Syria, there is Iran.

"The Russian systems are in Syria and they are not acting against us, we have an open line and dialogue", Liberman told Ynet, although he added that communication was not always very simple.

"From both sides an extremely negative evaluation was given to airstrikes by the US and their allies on Syria, as a flagrant violation of the global law", Lavrov said, according to Russian Foreign Ministry statement.

On Monday, according to Kommersant newspaper, Russian Federation revealed its intentions to send the S-300 system to Syria "very soon" and at no cost to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime.

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We know what Russian President Vladimir Putin said. According to the report's unnamed Russian defense officials, "If Israel decides to carry out rocket strikes on the deployment locations of the S-300, the consequences will be catastrophic for all sides".

S-300VM / Antey-2500 missile defense system. According to the TASS press review, this morning, this issue which "used to be primarily a political angle", has nearly been resolved as Russian Federation is about to start its deliveries. In the wake of the missile strikes against the regime, the delivery of the S-300 looks more than likely. A defense analyst, cited by the newspaper, said that the move was likely Moscow's "response" to a US-led attack in Syria last week, which targeted a number of chemical research facilities.

Kommersant said on Monday that experts believed that Israel would react negatively to any decision to supply the missiles and might bomb the area where they would be deployed. An Israeli government spokesman declined comment.

Iran's top negotiator in the worldwide peace talks on Syria will hold talks with a number of senior Syrian officials on the latest regional and global developments in the country on Monday.

It is worthy of note that Israel regularly strikes the territory of Syria.

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