Scores Of Schools In Arizona Close As Teachers Embark On Massive Walkout

Teachers will walk-out of school to protest low pay, funding after no agreement reached on proposals

Teachers will walk-out of school to protest low pay, funding after no agreement reached on proposals

"They need a permanent funding source moving forward", said former Gov. Jan Brewer, calling the idea of financing the $1 billion package with future tax collections and cost savings "just pie in the sky".

"I think we're going to see a huge crowd tomorrow", he said.

According to Senate Republicans the state has increased education funding from $5 billion in 2012 to over $7 billion in the 2018-2019 school year.

Since the West Virginia wildcat strike, teachers in Oklahoma went on a nine-day strike of their own, persuading legislators to up their annual pay an average of $6,000, give support staff a raise and increase funding for education by almost $500 million.

"Teachers being secure makes for a better environment [for students]", she said. She said she had a "wake-up call" when she learned a teacher paid out of pocket for a field trip.

Mark Hendrickson, whose wife is a teacher, was holding a sign that claimed Colorado was 46th in the country when it came to teacher funding.

Colorado now ranks 42nd in the nation in per pupil funding, approximately $2,500 per student less than the national average.

"There's a lot of options on the table right now", Harris said.

"I am coming at this as a parent who cares deeply not only for my own children, but for all the children that attend Arizona schools", Ellsworth says. Kavanagh said there is some sentiment to allowing school boards to use the new "teacher pay" money to backfill those fix accounts.

"We have a staff of 85 teachers".

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Arizona's investment in public education-from its per-pupil spending to its teacher pay rate-is hovering near the bottom for all fifty states, according to numerous sources.

"I've never seen this amount of unity", she said. "Our hope is that the teachers who choose to walk out on their children will return to their classrooms, so that students can learn and complete their school year". She says a raise for teachers would mean that she has more time to focus on her primary responsibility: her students. I want you to know, I am working to get this 20 percent raise passed at the Legislature. "Most of my income goes to supplies for my kids".

Next year's state budget would make a $150 million payment on the education debt and increase per-student spending by 6 percent-the largest K-12 investment since 2008.

They had to leave their signs - the ones that referenced Voldemort, their second jobs and the subjects they teach - outside.

"Before demanding more of Arizonans' meagre paychecks, our education community should reallocate the dollars they already spend", wrote Jon Gabriel, a Mesa resident, and editor-in-chief of, a conservative discussion forum.

Sidelined from Colorado's fast-growing economy, many teachers can no longer live in the school districts where they work, says Popper. Samuels says that, to her knowledge, Ducey has still refused to meet with educators in person and has so far only invited school superintendents to the table.

State aid on a per-student basis in Arizona has declined over the past decade.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, teachers gathered outside the state's Capitol in Denver, where thousands of demonstrators have kicked off two days of planned rallies.

Thanks in part to Colorado's Taxpayer Bill of Rights, a unique tax law that limits how much revenue can be raised each year and requires voter approval for tax hikes, our public school system faces a hard road to restore that funding.

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