Microsoft Takes Wraps Off Sleeker Surface Hub 2 Digital Whiteboard

Microsoft announces the Surface Hub 2 with 50.5-inch display

Microsoft announces the Surface Hub 2 with 50.5-inch display

It won't be made widely available to businesses until 2019, but Microsoft plans to test the Surface Hub 2 waters this year with "select" commercial customers.

It rocks a 50.5in display, which is around five inches smaller than its predecessor but comes in a 4K resolution rather than 1080p, and has a 3:2 aspect ratio, slim bezels and can be flipped horizontally as well as sit vertically. As you'd expect, it includes integrated speakers, and far-field voice microphones that will work for Cortana and Skype calls.

Microsoft does not yet have much to say on Surface Hub 2 specs. That said, Microsoft appears to be shooting for the best of both worlds with a "sleeker, more agile, and more affordable" device for collaboration.

The Surface Hub 2 interface, as shown in this Microsoft demonstration video.

And Microsoft loves their hinges and this device is no different, it can now rotate 90 degrees.

Time will tell if the Surface Hub 2 can replicate the success of the original Surface Hub, which shipped to 5,000 customers across 25 markets a year ago, according to Microsoft. The company says to get the most out of this new hardware, using Microsoft 365 will provide the best experience but know that you don't need to be paying for every Microsoft service to find value in this new product.

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According to the state-owned Global Times , the map also left out southern Tibet and the South China Sea . The company said the product has been pulled from the Chinese market and destroyed.

This is the second-generation of the Surface Hub, and it looks like it jumped from the 20th to the 21st-century in just three years.

The Surface Hub 2 won't be battery-powered, though Microsoft's not saying exactly what technology will power it.

Microsoft launched Surface hub back in June 2015. While we are having a video call with someone, we do not have to shrink their face, but instead, use the full capacity of the Surface Hub 2. Can be used in either landscape or portrait mode. This device brings out the best bits of the Surface Hub 1 and advances all the parts that needed advancing. The company has this time added more robust collaborative tools which can allow multiple users to simply sign in simultaneously through a fingerprint reader and pull up their work onto a single workspace.

When I asked Seiler more about the version of Windows 10 that will power Surface Hub 2, she said "Windows 10 is what it's built on", and wouldn't go beyond that.

Yet, if there's one thing that Google's Chromebooks demonstrated easily it's that the educational sector is ripe for targeting by tech companies if they keep prices in check.

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