'Fallout 76' is an online survival game

Fallout 76 emotes

Fallout 76 emotes

Game Director Todd Howard explained the advantages of the latest in the "Fallout" franchise being an online RPG. Players are tasked with rebuilding their town - and the entire country - after Reclamation Day in the year 2076. We finally got a release date; Fallout 76 will be available on November 14th. There will be six distinct regions to explore each with their own styles, risks, rewards, and new creatures.

Fallout 76 will sport a beta - "break it early test application" - Bethesda today confirmed. It has a working headlamp and voice modulator, and it fits right on your head.

Fallout 76 will be different from all other entries to the series. It highlights how players can meet up with one another and travel the world of West Virginia. While it seems the game borrows some elements and even takes heavy inspiration from the MMO genre, you won't find servers packed with other players.

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Fallout Shelter was surprised released at E3 in 2015 on iOS, and was quickly followed up with an Android version.

The game's Collector's Edition has also been revealed.

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