AP Analysis: Kim Jong Un got lots to brag about from summit

Dennis Rodman Breaks Down In Tears Discussing Trump-Kim Summit

Dennis Rodman Breaks Down In Tears Discussing Trump-Kim Summit

One day after the meeting between Kim and Trump in Singapore, North Korea's state-run media were filled with images of its beaming leader standing as an equal on the worldwide stage with the president of the most powerful country in the world - a reminder of just how much of a propaganda coup the North saw in Tuesday's unprecedented summit.

"Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me "old, ' when I would NEVER call him 'short and fat"?" he tweeted last November as tensions between them escalated.

If confirmed, the reported deal could be seen as a concession by Trump since USA officials - and the president himself - had called for the North to take swift and clear disarmament measures before receiving any rewards.

"He also writes very fast, which indicates he's quick-witted and impatient", Koo added.

"We are proud of Otto and miss him", the parents said in a statement.

"Kim Jong Un invited Trump to visit Pyongyang at a convenient time and Trump invited Kim Jong Un to visit the USA", the state KCNA news agency said.

"North Korea seems to be highlighting this as one of Kim Jong Un's greatest feats yet and lauding itself for keeping the North Korean regime from collapsing while succeeding in shaking up the U.S".

The slanting style is shared by Kim's sister, Kim Yo Jong, who was also at the signing on Tuesday (June 12).

Mr Pompeo will meet President Moon Jae-in on Thursday morning to discuss the summit. Pompeo, the former Central Intelligence Agency director, then plans to fly to Beijing to update the Chinese government on the talks.

He also said that before he took office past year, "people were assuming that we were going to War with North Korea".

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At the same time, it's also disturbingly clear that Trump himself has no idea what that something else should be - just what it should look like on TV.

Despite the confusion and disappointment among some, the summit managed to, for a time at least, reset a relationship that has always been characterised by bloodshed and threats.

Talks are to be led on the US side by Pompeo and, according to the agreement, a "relevant, high-level" North Korean official. Beijing is also hoping to convince Seoul to remove a sophisticated US missile defence system that China sees as a threat to its security.

The speed of the coverage in Rodong Sinmun and other state media is unusual in a country where events are often reported a full day, if not longer, after they happen. Beijing dislikes the US military presence in South Korea and Japan and has urged Washington to suspend the drills that Pyongyang claims are rehearsals for invasion, in return for the North's halting of nuclear activities.

"Kim Jong Un invited Trump to visit Pyongyang at a convenient time and Trump invited Kim Jong Un to visit the U.S.", the state-run KCNA news agency said.

"We had a historic meeting and made a decision to leave the past behind", Kim said as he and Trump signed the joint statement, adding, "The world will see a major change". He said he planned to continue sharing the view with Washington and Seoul. The next scheduled major exercise, involving tens of thousands of troops, normally is held in August.

Trump said Kim "wants to see wonderful things for his country".

But some argue North Korea didn't go any further than previous promises.

Officials in Russian Federation have said that they feel positive about the outcome of the summit and they hope that Moscow can be involved in the negotiating process to promote peace on the Korean peninsula.

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