Michael Cohen turned over a rock in the muck

Michael Cohen and Chris Cuomo

Michael Cohen and Chris Cuomo

"So sad!. Why was the tape so abruptly terminated (cut) while I was presumably saying positive things?"

Cohen's attorney Lanny Davis fed the tape to CNN's Chris Cuomo and was on his Cuomo Prime Time show Tuesday to talk about it. Trump was there with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, and not knowing if there would be an opportunity to ask Trump questions later in the day, Collins inquired about Putin not coming to Washington this fall and if he felt Cohen betrayed him by secretly taping at least one of their conversations.

Lawyer Michael Avenatti alleged Cohen had evidence of Trump paying off multiple women and tried to cover up a pregnancy. "Um", he says, "I need to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info regarding our friend, David".

"Pay with cash", Trump appears to respond.

The existence of the tape, secretly recorded by his former long-time attorney Michael Cohen two months before the 2016 election, was reported last week by the New York Times, which said the Federal Bureau of Investigation seized it during a raid on Mr Cohen's office this year, AFP reported.

In an ABC News interview released on July 2, Cohen said his family and the country commanded his "first loyalty", the first fuel to that speculation.

It's also not 100 percent clear from the crosstalk whether the candidate is saying the payment (to reimburse the National Enquirer, owned by Trump pal David Pecker, which spent $150,000 to buy and bury the rights to Karen McDougal's story) should be made in cash.

In April, Donald Trump tweeted that Michael Cohen is a "fine person" who he has "always liked and respected", adding that he didn't see him ever turning on his former boss.

"The power of the truth is what Michael Cohen now has, no matter what Mayor Giuliani invents for a president who's been known to lie", Davis said.

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Weisselberg, on the other hand, has worked for the Trump family since the 1970s, and knows more about the Trump Organization's history and finances than almost anyone.

At the very least, the tape suggests Mr Trump was aware that discussions were taking place to buy the rights to Ms McDougal's story.

"No, no", Cohen says.

He told AP: "The president wanted to do it the right way".

President Donald Trump's legal troubles with his former lawyer Michael Cohen took a damaging twist on Thursday.

About a dozen audio recordings were seized and passed to federal prosecutors.

The payment was never made and Mr Giuliani said he didn't know why that was the case and hadn't discussed it with Mr Trump.

During the campaign, the Trump team denied any knowledge of the deal between Ms McDougal and American Media.

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