Cynthia Nixon Tells Cuomo to 'Stop Lying' During Heated Debate

'She Must Be Goldilocks': The Five Reacts to Cynthia Nixon Team Claiming Sexism Over Cold Debate Room

'She Must Be Goldilocks': The Five Reacts to Cynthia Nixon Team Claiming Sexism Over Cold Debate Room

NY state governor Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon, Broadway actor and former Sex and the City TV star, clashed and swapped insults in their only scheduled, televised debate before their primary race to decide the Democratic nomination for the governorship.

"As soon as you do", Cuomo said. In another, she says: "Governor Cuomo's agenda, it's incredibly progressive and it's incredibly forward thinking". For his part, Cuomo accused Nixon of calling in favors to the mayor's office.

That would square with the clip of then actress and activist Nixon praising Cuomo for the Women's Equality Act, which dates back to 2014.

The former Sex and the City star will take on Cuomo in their first and only head-to-head debate on Wednesday - but in an email to CBS affiliate WCBS-TV last week, an aide for Nixon requested that temperature in the debate hall is set to 76 degrees F (24 C) because working conditions are "notoriously sexist when it comes to room temperature", the New York Times reported. "The only caveat is if God strikes me dead", he said, "otherwise I will serve all four years as governor of NY".

Cuomo added that the "only caveat is if God strikes me dead". She accused him of empowering Republicans in Albany and not doing enough to address political corruption, income inequality or New York City's aging subways.

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Cuomo responded to Nixon saying "the governor of NY is not a job about politics, it's not about advocacy".

"You are a corporation", said Cuomo. Nixon said the governor hasn't fought the White House hard enough. Nixon herself told Refinery29 "I'll debate the governor in a parka if I have to because the people of NY deserve a debate, and insurgent, female candidates have a right to make their voices heard".

"It's one of many issues where Andrew Cuomo has been forced into it but claims credit", said Nixon.

Cuomo, who has advertised several leftward policy shifts since Nixon began threatening to run, responded sometimes by saying he was already achieving what she proposed, and sometimes saying she would leave voters ruined.

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