It's the end of the road for Inbox by Gmail

Google is Killing Inbox

Google is Killing Inbox

But in an overhaul to Gmail this year, Google implemented numerous innovative features that were introduced in Inbox.

But progress on Inbox noticeably slowed, and we can't help but think many users preferred the comfort of Gmail rather than the flashy, if unfamiliar Inbox. There are still some features that have yet to make the migration from the Inbox, particularly the "bundles" feature that group similar emails into one single block, but Google said this is coming to Gmail. Without splitting focus between Inbox and Gmail, it's most likely we'll see Gmail continue to evolve and be a worthy successor and alternative to Inbox. Izatt further added, "Inbox by Gmail has been a great place to experiment with new ideas like snoozing emails to later, as well as try the latest AI-powered experiences like Smart Reply, Nudges and high-priority notifications to help you stay productive".

To ease the pain, perhaps for itself as well as its users, Google created a user guide for asylum seekers who will be vacating Inbox for Gmail over the course of the next seven months.

Google says Inbox will go offline at the end of March 2019.

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As per the given timeline, Google can be expected to introduce other features from Inbox into the Gmail desktop and app.

A "lighter" version of Gmail, Inbox app has some features that are not available on Gmail. The company confirmed the news through a blog post on September 12 titled "Inbox is signing off. Find your favourite features in the new Gmail".

The service - which came in the form of iOS and Android apps and its own website - funneled mails from your Gmail account to a different, slightly more gesture-driven interface with its own unique set of options.

For bundles, Google suggests to use filters and labels, and for reminders Google Tasks or Google Keep.

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