Decision day dawns as intensive NAFTA effort nears U.S.-imposed deadline

Trump Didn’t Have A Meeting Scheduled With Trudeau — But He Canceled It Anyway

Trump Didn’t Have A Meeting Scheduled With Trudeau — But He Canceled It Anyway

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it makes no sense to sign onto a new NAFTA only to be hit by new tariffs and is seeking safeguards.

The Trump administration is expected to release the text of its trade agreement with Mexico as early as Friday, launching a contentious congressional approval process as it tries to coax Canada into a revamped North American Free Trade Agreement. "We don't like their representative very much". A USTR spokesman declined comment on the timing.

"I told him that we will keep insisting on having a trilateral agreement and we hope there will be an agreement between the USA and Canada", Lopez Obrador said.

"I think it would be malpractice, both for economic and political reasons, not to have a major agreement with Canada", said Senator Ron Wyden, the top Democrat on the tax and trade Senate Finance Committee. The U.S. wants to scrap that mechanism.

Trump made it clear Canada's failure to join would be unacceptable, with hefty auto tariffs as a outcome.

"He said the negotiation was very hard, that it might not be possible (to reach a three-way deal), but that they (Canada) had made a proposal", he told a press conference.

The president told reporters that he had rejected a request from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to meet while the two leaders with attending the United Nations General Assembly in NY and he threatened to slap tariffs on USA automobile imports from Canada. "The Americans are finding that the negotiations are tough because Canadians are tough negotiators, as we should be", Trudeau told reporters on the way into a regular weekly cabinet meeting in Ottawa.

Mr. Trump is using potential tariffs on all auto and auto parts imported into the a negotiating hammer, not only with Canada but also with the E.U., Japan and other countries, Height Capital analyst Clayton Allen wrote in a note.

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Despite encouraging signs, it's still far from clear whether the federal government will end the day as part of a trilateral free trade deal with the USA and Mexico on the eve of a key congressional deadline.

In a lengthy press conference Wednesday, Trump said he rejected meeting Trudeau because of trade talks.

U.S. -Canada talks bogged down earlier this month, and most trade analysts expected the September 30 deadline to come and go without Canada being reinstated.

The government "is still having constructive discussions" with US counterparts, and "some" progress has been made, said one insider, speaking on condition of anonymity given the sensitive nature of the talks.

Auto industry executives say it is unlikely those targets can be met if Canada is not part of the deal, given supply chains that crisscross NAFTA borders multiple times.

"That means the negotiations aren't over yet", he said. The United States has said Mexico agreed to eliminate a system of settlement panels to arbitrate disputes over anti-dumping and anti-dumping tariffs. And the clock is ticking: the U.S. Congress has imposed a Sunday night deadline in an effort to get a deal voted on before Mexico swears in a new government.

"It's a challenging task to figure that out and they're spending a lot of time on that right now", said the third Canadian source.

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