Video shows Texas woman abandoning boy on doorstep, deputies say

Woman in Texas facing abandonment charge after allegedly leaving child alone on doorstep

Woman in Texas facing abandonment charge after allegedly leaving child alone on doorstep

The woman dropped off the child around 8:40 p.m. after the father left his home - but at the wrong house. The father assumed the mother had decided not to drop the toddler off when he never came and left home Wednesday evening, investigators say. The suspect then runs toward the front door of the residence while lifting the child in the air by one arm.

Authorities later determined the identity of the little boy and his family after his father saw the video and "immediately recognized the child as his son", Spencer told reporters at a press conference Thursday.

Police are considering charging the woman, seen here on home security video, with felony child abandonment. When she reaches the front entrance, the woman puts the child down, repeatedly rings the door bell and knocks several times.

Spencer says authorities have identified the woman in the video and that an investigation is underway, though she hasn't been charged. The incident lasted 23 seconds. It's still unclear, however, why she left the boy alone on the porch.

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Police said the child hadn't been injured and appeared to be in good health.

The video ends with the woman getting into a vehicle that speeds away from the scene in Spring, about 25 miles (40 km) north of Houston. Authorities say it will be up to CPS on if the child will be returned to his parents.

The home where she had left the child was next door to the father's residence. Spring, Texas is about 20 miles from Houston.

The woman in the video said that it was a mistake, Fox reported. The woman faces a charge of child abandonment. He is now in the custody of Child Protective Services. But on Thursday, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office released more details about who the mystery woman and child were and the circumstances behind the disturbing scene.

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