Is Bollywood Media Bribed? | Harsh Reality of Bollywood Media


The world today is very mean. With money overpowering humanity, and material-power taking over an emotional human heart, the present system of the society has turned into a robotic give and take. And Bollywood is not an exception. It isn’t surprising. The place where large chunks of dark secrets hide behind the glamour, where influential people continue to occupy the chair of royalty and rule over everything happening within the industry, no wonder that a substantial amount of interplay would prevail. But how many instances do we get to know? The answer is very few. And do you know why? Well, to know this, you have to wait a little. No, we are not going to create suspense like the climax of a thriller movie. Instead, we are here to unveil some bitter reality to let you know what goes wrong in making the right news reach us.


Well, Bollywood and the media go hand in hand. Consequently, whether or not a Bollywood personality would remain in the public’s good books, depends on media houses to a large extent. It is the power-peddling activities inside Bollywood that make the journalists and reporters compromise with ethics and circulate the news that serves their fruitfulness.

The same goes for publicizing a movie or fuelling its business as well. And this is the reason why the deserving storylines receive less attention as compared to those which tend to be controversial or seek ‘hot under the collar’ public reactions, which otherwise don’t have any such USP. The idea is to establish a positive buzz centering a film before its release and have it tagged as a ‘Blockbuster’ regardless of its actual performance at the box-office.

And as the media flaws continue to become a never-ending tale, let’s have a look at some of the instances that would better elucidate it.

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More Film Coverage and How
While talking about film coverage, let’s go back to a few years when Aamir Khan-starrer ‘PK’ was released. Undoubtedly, it became the monster hit of the year, making a business of over 500 crores. But if you look into the film’s media publicity, there’s barely anything you can recall. Notably, the country’s one of the famous media houses ‘The Times of India’ too forgot to feature a prominent mention in the newspaper other than just a film review.

However, when Sunny Leone’s ‘Ek Paheli Leela’ came up around the same time, more than around five articles were printed on the paper’s supplement, Bombay Times.
So what do you think is the reason behind such incongruence? Well, of course, ‘paid news’ matters.


Media’s Blind Items on Targeted Stars
Labeling some of the Bollywood stars through their defaming blind items on personal and professional grounds is yet another worst form of media atrocity. And it isn’t difficult to understand why and upon whose instructions these are written. Recently, in the wake of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden demise, several actors have come forward and pointed out the blind items to have contributed to mental harassment and trauma, and that these should be banned. While such pieces continue to get rebuked, nobody’s sure whether anything would end. After all, it’s all about money power.


What Aamir Khan and Vidhu Vinod Chopra had to say?
Even famous producer-actor Aamir Khan didn’t step away from revealing the contagious media culture. During a panel discussion at the HT Summit, he took a dig at paid media coverage and questioned the veracity of the film reports in leading newspapers and their facts and figures. He further mocked that he needed to buy paid media space rather than making a good film.

Carrying forward Aamir’s stance, maverick film-maker Vidhu Vinod Chopra too stressed on the paid media purchase issue and the lack of his film’s pre-release publicity because of it.


Casting Couch Hardly Covered
Young actors attempting a break in the industry do face a lot of distasteful proposals that are against their moral values. Unarguably, the casting couch is the most pronounced among them. Some have to compromise for survival, while some are left giving up their dreams. But despite renowned media houses having close connections with those high-profile persons, they choose to keep mum. And the reasons are obvious.


Insider’s Viewpoint
While Bollywood media continues receiving its fair share of criticism, media or journalism as a plot is widely revered in films. Notably, ‘Peepli Live,’ the film that received critical acclaim, and became one of the highest grossed films of the year too, was filmed in the backdrop of the media. However, Peepli Live’s director Anusha Rizvi, herself a former journalist portrayed the role of journalism in a derogatory manner. According to her, the media today is more of a boisterous circus than informative.

The same goes for journalist-writer Somnath Batabyal, who believes that journalism has turned up into a field of disrepute & that journalism is gaining popularity in film plots only because of shallow stories of commercial Bollywood cinemas, rather than it being actually that positive.

All such instants do add a question mark on the credibility of Bollywood media. Well, we don’t have an idea about the figure that buys media. However, it comes out that they fear getting ostracized. But even if it is so, we cannot exclude it from bribery. After all, doing some evil in return for something is indeed a bribe in any way.